Gaia is 7 sat

She is 7 today. She loves everything about space, especially stars and her favourite planet just now is Uranus (last week it was Saturn).

She likes to tell silly jokes. She prefers Maths to English even though one of her favourite things to do is make books and write wonderful stories and illustrate them beautifully. She has a gift for art.

She naturally excels at sports that need strength over agility such as skiing and tennis. She is kind and caring (people gravitate to her because of that), she is funny, really, really smart and breathtakingly beautiful too. She is wearing the birthday hat right now in class. She is my everything. Gaia.



  1. happy birthday to Gaia 🙂
    she’s adorable and what you have written is very special and very beautiful, Angela… your space girl is lucky to have you as her space mom 🙂

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