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My macro lens, the heaviest of the lenses I own, comes everywhere with me when I go out specifically to shoot photographs and as much as I love it and the beautiful bokeh it gives me, I’m thinking of leaving it behind in the future.

For a start off, it’s heavy. I mentioned that. Plus, I never take my tripod with me as I’m just not that strong to carry it all, so pin-sharp focus is hit and miss. You know when you see magicians pull rabbits and sometimes people out of a carpet bag, I need one of those but with kit inside!

So for now, I’m going for a lightweight, back-to-basics, free and easy kind of look – keep my 50mm on the camera and perhaps take my Lensbaby Composer for fun stuff. Decision made.


2 thoughts on “THE BLUES

  1. I have a manual macro lens and I really like taking photos of flowers with it. However, as you said, it is too heavy for me so it is really difficult to focus. I am in the same situation in which I don’t have a tripod and if I had one, I would not be strong enough to carry it with me everywhere I go. So normally when I go out, I go with my 50mm 😉

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