Reflect for Blog

I have no clue where May went but shockingly, we are officially half way through the year! When you’re a kid, time goes so slowly – too slowly sometimes – and you’re always wishing you were one year older, wishing the weekend would come when you could choose one small treat from the newsagent’s seemingly endless array of sweeties. The sherbety, sweet smell of artificially enhanced Refreshers is still one of my favourites, along with pear drops and aniseed twists. Hashtag *flashback*!

Now, I’m reflecting on May, a super-busy month for me but one where I’ve achieved quite a lot. I’ve managed to put together a brochure for a new venture of mine along with making serious in-roads into a new website too. I’ve put together some bookshelves at home, cleared out my daughter’s playroom (a nightmare) and started on a very healthy eating plan as I am light years away from having any kind of beach-ready body. All in all, a month of achievements methinks.

Here’s to June … bring it on.


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