Bamburgh Castle FB

Morning! You know when you’re so busy that time rushes past in a blur? That. That’s what the past couple of weeks/months have been like. I have managed to squeeze in a trip down to Northumbria where we spent five gloriously sunny days with golden sand between our toes. The castle in the picture above is Bamburgh which overlooks one of the most breathtaking beaches in the UK if you get a chance to visit. Came back laden with snapshots, shells and rocks, collected by my daughter for her rock collection which is fast getting out of control. Soon I’ll have enough to lay a gravel path in our front garden!

Now there’s less than a week to go to get ready for our summer in Italy. A month of mountains and walking in the beautiful Dolomites then sunbathing and relaxation in Umbria, with great food and wine as constant companions. How will I cope? Whatever you’re plans are over these summer months, I hope it’s wonderful and jam-packed full of adventures (and photographs).


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