Montage Italian summer

Montage Italian summer 1

Blimey, summer’s gone! Blink of an eye and all that.

We merrily tripped on over to Italy for ours, starting with a damp-but-happy time in the Dolomites before heading down to Umbria for a fortnight then returning to the mountains for another stormy week. A few days with the in-laws in Vicenza polished the holiday off nicely.

So okay, the weather was touch-and-go and we had to wear ponchos some of the time (so naff … and essential) but we embraced it all and did not allow anything to stop us having a giggle (mostly at the ponchos … not really … well, maybe).

Took a million, nay, a zillion photographs that need sorting and processing. Och, it’s slow going but workflow should speed up past a snail’s pace now that my daughter is back at school.

It does mean, however, that there is a lot to share with you over the next couple of posts. Should you want to keep up to speed with things more regularly, hop on over to my Facebook page. I will be doing a few giveaways in the run up to (dare I say it in September?) Christmas, which I’ll be running exclusively for my FB ‘likers’.

Autumn hugs!

Montage Italian summer1


2 thoughts on “AN ITALIAN SUMMER

  1. Ohhh these are wonderful!!! So jealous of your trip! I just love the details you’ve captured here. A quick glance at your photos tells me I need to come back- I love your work!

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