Hello You

Very happy to announce my latest project, LetteraEtc.

In a nutshell, it’s about enhancing your photography (or indeed any creative project!) by overlaying gorgeous calligraphed quotes and words with a few doodles thrown in for good measure. After my calligraphy course with Melissa Esplin which I loved to bits, it seemed like the most natural thing to do to combine typography with photography, my two favourite things in the world.

It’s early days but so far, I’ve prepared a great selection of quotes that inspire adventure, some for those who find themselves drawn to the sea and an essential set of greetings in different languages and words that are often used with ‘hello’, for example ‘hello summer’. Plus I’ve done a series of mountain and tree trunk doodles that would work well with the adventure quotes or on their own.

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Each theme is provided in hi-res PNG and ABR formats so you can easily stamp whatever you like wherever you like, change the colours and increase the size. I’ve been using them on my own photographs so far and uploading to my Instagram page but I’m excited to get some ‘hello’ cards or postcards printed and send them off to family and pals as a little surprise ‘ciao’ from Scotland! I’d love to know what you think and you can see more and buy from LetteraEtc’s Etsy shop!

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