Tree on Fire SmallYOU never really know what you’re going to get with ICM photography. Yes, the basics must be there such as composition and understanding light but there’s a randomness to the process which really appeals to me. It’s the ultimate in creative expression and the freedom of the technique means that it’s impossible to shoot the same thing twice. Each shot is unique. Mind-blowing, right?

This not-knowing, experimental style of work can also produce the most elegant work. Trying to tame the beast of ICM is pretty hopeless so don’t even try, simply accept and embrace the joy of discovering a gem that makes your heart beat a little quicker when you get home and you’re sat in front of your computer with a coffee in hand. The feeling reminds me of my childhood when the arrival of a newly developed batch of prints would land with a thud on the hallway floor and I would almost burst with excitement at what lay inside the heavy envelope.

It felt like Christmas, but better.



amongst the blue flickr blog

My macro lens, the heaviest of the lenses I own, comes everywhere with me when I go out specifically to shoot photographs and as much as I love it and the beautiful bokeh it gives me, I’m thinking of leaving it behind in the future.

For a start off, it’s heavy. I mentioned that. Plus, I never take my tripod with me as I’m just not that strong to carry it all, so pin-sharp focus is hit and miss. You know when you see magicians pull rabbits and sometimes people out of a carpet bag, I need one of those but with kit inside!

So for now, I’m going for a lightweight, back-to-basics, free and easy kind of look – keep my 50mm on the camera and perhaps take my Lensbaby Composer for fun stuff. Decision made.


That naked tree

Just two more days left before school restarts. Two more days of waking up with that lovely feeling of having nothing planned, a real rarity at Casa Fanton. Come Wednesday, we’ll no doubt feel like we’ve been thrown into a salad spinner with a flurry of activities, early starts, homework folders and finding PE kits. For now though, we’re going to immerse ourselves in doing relatively little; perhaps enjoy a few walks, watch a few films, read and eat Easter chocolates. How good does that sound?


through the trees blog FB

There’s been a green revolution happening on our regular walk with trees sprouting to life everywhere! A few days of gorgeous weather in Edinburgh and ‘POW!’ it’s lush and fresh with blossom pom-poms of pink and white on every tree. Magic.

I’ve shot so many photographs of all of this new colour that finding time to stay indoors to process them all is going to be a stretch. Fortunately, this abstraction took hardly any processing time at all as it was all done in-camera – just a few tweaks in curves in PS and it was done.


Final view small blog FB

Just back from a short trip up the east coast to St. Andrew’s with a lot of ICM shots of its coastline and beaches. It’s a real find photographically speaking as the greys and browns of the town really lend themselves to this deliberate blurring technique which I’m head over heels in love with. It’s so exciting to experiment with this new direction in my work.

PS: I can highly recommend the Peat Inn for anyone looking for a mini-break in this beautiful part of Scotland.