Tree on Fire SmallYOU never really know what you’re going to get with ICM photography. Yes, the basics must be there such as composition and understanding light but there’s a randomness to the process which really appeals to me. It’s the ultimate in creative expression and the freedom of the technique means that it’s impossible to shoot the same thing twice. Each shot is unique. Mind-blowing, right?

This not-knowing, experimental style of work can also produce the most elegant work. Trying to tame the beast of ICM is pretty hopeless so don’t even try, simply accept and embrace the joy of discovering a gem that makes your heart beat a little quicker when you get home and you’re sat in front of your computer with a coffee in hand. The feeling reminds me of my childhood when the arrival of a newly developed batch of prints would land with a thud on the hallway floor and I would almost burst with excitement at what lay inside the heavy envelope.

It felt like Christmas, but better.



Trees in Winter are so poetic. So exposed that you can clearly see how delicate they become toward the tips of their branches. It seems natural to highlight this and since I’ve become slightly hooked on making these kaleidoscopic abstracts, I couldn’t think of a better way to do it. So here is ‘Circle of Trees’.

Circle of Trees Small FB


Orient for blog

THE memory of my first Christmas in Dubai way back in (ahem) 1996 popped into mind when I’d finished putting these images together.

I remembered buying bags and bags of frankincense and myrrh (plus a little gold trinket) to give as gifts to everyone. It was the first time that I had seen these stunning orange/gold balls of resin and let me tell you, the scent they emit when tossed onto an open fire or onto an oil burner is unbelievably beautiful. To me, they smell of a souk, dusty and musty and heady. Gorgeous.

I got taken back there with these shots, even though they’re images of colourful stones in rock pools, taken on a wonderful beach walk with my family last weekend. I think they’re amongst my favourites. 🙂



Here’s my list of Autumnal pleasures:

  • Kicking up leaves – who can resist?
  • Time to pull on a woolly hat!
  • Sit by a real fire.
  • Pour yourself a glass of rich-bodied, red wine.
  • Frost! And frosty breath fun with your little (or big) one.
  • Darker mornings (I know, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love them!)
  • Waking up to the sound of rain pitter-pattering on the window (ditto above, in brackets).
  • Conkers! Leaves of every colour! Seeds! Collecting them all!
  • Squirrel spotting.
  • Damp earth imparting its musty smell. Mushrooms!
  • Cinammon and spice-scented candles.
  • The light! Golden, magical, warm (occasionally).
  • Drinking your first hot chocolate of the colder seasons (made the Italian way, so thick you can stand a spoon in it).
  • Front row seats to the show Nature’s been busy planning the whole year long.
  • Bed socks (not worn in bed at all, instead worn whilst curled up on the sofa watching Downton Abbey).


Purple for blog

Apparently, lilac is the hottest colour around just now in the world of interior design and I can speak from experience when I say it is actually a beautiful hue to live with.

My 7-year-old self chose almost exactly the colour of this flower (perhaps a little lighter if memory serves) for my bedroom walls and I loved it. Now, perhaps my grown-up self wouldn’t make the same choice but I think for a child’s room or perhaps an accent wall, this colour would be very pleasing to the eye.

Purple for Blog 2


Reflect for Blog

I have no clue where May went but shockingly, we are officially half way through the year! When you’re a kid, time goes so slowly – too slowly sometimes – and you’re always wishing you were one year older, wishing the weekend would come when you could choose one small treat from the newsagent’s seemingly endless array of sweeties. The sherbety, sweet smell of artificially enhanced Refreshers is still one of my favourites, along with pear drops and aniseed twists. Hashtag *flashback*!

Now, I’m reflecting on May, a super-busy month for me but one where I’ve achieved quite a lot. I’ve managed to put together a brochure for a new venture of mine along with making serious in-roads into a new website too. I’ve put together some bookshelves at home, cleared out my daughter’s playroom (a nightmare) and started on a very healthy eating plan as I am light years away from having any kind of beach-ready body. All in all, a month of achievements methinks.

Here’s to June … bring it on.


amongst the blue flickr blog

My macro lens, the heaviest of the lenses I own, comes everywhere with me when I go out specifically to shoot photographs and as much as I love it and the beautiful bokeh it gives me, I’m thinking of leaving it behind in the future.

For a start off, it’s heavy. I mentioned that. Plus, I never take my tripod with me as I’m just not that strong to carry it all, so pin-sharp focus is hit and miss. You know when you see magicians pull rabbits and sometimes people out of a carpet bag, I need one of those but with kit inside!

So for now, I’m going for a lightweight, back-to-basics, free and easy kind of look – keep my 50mm on the camera and perhaps take my Lensbaby Composer for fun stuff. Decision made.