red berry blog

So, I decided to give my shoulder a rest from the D800 and dusted off my old D80 the other day. Totally liberating! I’d forgotten just how light it is, especially when I’m using the 50mm.

Plus, I now know how much I’ve missed the beautiful bokeh it produces. The colour transitions are so gorgeous that I think I like them most of all in this shot – even more than that one beautiful, gorgeously plump berry. Now I’m thinking how great it would be to always take the D80/50 combination out with me PLUS the D800 so I don’t have to swap lenses quite as much. But that would mean two heavy shoulders instead of one!!



Cannot wait to see if it will snow this weekend! Having spent the past 15 years living in the Middle East where the weather is either ‘hot’ or ‘hotter’, the novelty of changeable days still hasn’t worn off and I especially love cold weather. That feeling of tightness on your face as your skin freezes on a winter’s day and the ensuing tingling heat and runny nose when you go back indoors. And then there’s the wintery wardrobe of cozy knits, hats and gloves to wrap up in. Bliss. So I’m waiting and hoping, holding frosty breath with fingers crossed … and toes.


Whether it’s summer or winter, I love all types of berries. They are just so photogenic and provide a bit of colour, especially in winter, ┬áto lift an otherwise fairly dullish nature-scape. I guarantee this won’t be the last berry-bright shot you’ll see here over the next few weeks and there’s another one over on my Flickr page if you want to hop on over.