Trees in Winter are so poetic. So exposed that you can clearly see how delicate they become toward the tips of their branches. It seems natural to highlight this and since I’ve become slightly hooked on making these kaleidoscopic abstracts, I couldn’t think of a better way to do it. So here is ‘Circle of Trees’.

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Here’s my list of Autumnal pleasures:

  • Kicking up leaves – who can resist?
  • Time to pull on a woolly hat!
  • Sit by a real fire.
  • Pour yourself a glass of rich-bodied, red wine.
  • Frost! And frosty breath fun with your little (or big) one.
  • Darker mornings (I know, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love them!)
  • Waking up to the sound of rain pitter-pattering on the window (ditto above, in brackets).
  • Conkers! Leaves of every colour! Seeds! Collecting them all!
  • Squirrel spotting.
  • Damp earth imparting its musty smell. Mushrooms!
  • Cinammon and spice-scented candles.
  • The light! Golden, magical, warm (occasionally).
  • Drinking your first hot chocolate of the colder seasons (made the Italian way, so thick you can stand a spoon in it).
  • Front row seats to the show Nature’s been busy planning the whole year long.
  • Bed socks (not worn in bed at all, instead worn whilst curled up on the sofa watching Downton Abbey).


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There’s been a green revolution happening on our regular walk with trees sprouting to life everywhere! A few days of gorgeous weather in Edinburgh and ‘POW!’ it’s lush and fresh with blossom pom-poms of pink and white on every tree. Magic.

I’ve shot so many photographs of all of this new colour that finding time to stay indoors to process them all is going to be a stretch. Fortunately, this abstraction took hardly any processing time at all as it was all done in-camera – just a few tweaks in curves in PS and it was done.


Fragility Blog

Intensity Blog

Reflected trees in the dirty grey waters that run alongside the Leith Walkway in Edinburgh.

I’m stupidly excited about abstracts within nature, I find the virtually limitless variety of colours and forms captivating and having been really tough with myself lately about having a niche and a style (blah!), I started to doubt whether this new interest would ‘fit’ in with what I ‘should’ be shooting. Well, you know what, I love it and if I can somehow, someway convince myself that there’s room for another one under my ‘soft/dreamy’ umbrella, then that’s even better.

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It has begun! Spring! Soon there will be an almost overwhelming amount of colour around and we’ll get all complacent and take it for granted and then moan about lack of colour when it’s gone. Hahaha, human nature, eh? For now though, it’s pretty and getting prettier by the day and I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the wonderful cherry trees that line the long road to my daughter’s school blossom and bloom. They really are a sight for sore eyes and when the wind blows, it’s like walking under a shower of petal confetti. Amazing.