Natural light photographers beware, the light is fading fast. Summer brightness and the luxury of all-day shoots are just a memory.



amongst the blue flickr blog

My macro lens, the heaviest of the lenses I own, comes everywhere with me when I go out specifically to shoot photographs and as much as I love it and the beautiful bokeh it gives me, I’m thinking of leaving it behind in the future.

For a start off, it’s heavy. I mentioned that. Plus, I never take my tripod with me as I’m just not that strong to carry it all, so pin-sharp focus is hit and miss. You know when you see magicians pull rabbits and sometimes people out of a carpet bag, I need one of those but with kit inside!

So for now, I’m going for a lightweight, back-to-basics, free and easy kind of look – keep my 50mm on the camera and perhaps take my Lensbaby Composer for fun stuff. Decision made.

haiku pink flower

I bought a beautiful little book of Haiku poems last week, it’s an absolute delight to read these short snippets of loveliness.

Mine sits on a small coffee table next to my favourite chair along with a book of poetry, a few magazines, my Kindle and my iPad. It’s my reading/looking/thinking/messy space and from it I get a cracking view of the tall trees outside. Fave spot.


behind you blog2014 has barely begun and already the change is showing itself in all sorts of good ways. Best of all, my website is ready for its big reveal. Ta-dah! Although there is still much recent work to add to it, there is a shop, a newsletter and a place to show some personal stuff that falls outside my usual soft and dreamy style. Have a look-see at



I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to be able to see and feel the seasons change. After 15 years in the Middle East, where the only seasons are ‘hot’ and ‘hotter’, I’m still awestruck by how gob-smackingly gorgeous it is in Edinburgh. The colours, the unpredictability of the weather, the ever-changing light are all amazing to me. I appreciate it every single day.