It has begun! Spring! Soon there will be an almost overwhelming amount of colour around and we’ll get all complacent and take it for granted and then moan about lack of colour when it’s gone. Hahaha, human nature, eh? For now though, it’s pretty and getting prettier by the day and I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the wonderful cherry trees that line the long road to my daughter’s school blossom and bloom. They really are a sight for sore eyes and when the wind blows, it’s like walking under a shower of petal confetti. Amazing.



Heart Daisy Blog

Reaching back into my ‘Textures’ folder feels warm and fuzzy, it’s so familiar to me now after a few years of painting them on and off, adding bits of colour, splashes and scratches here, there and everywhere. I know photography purists are repulsed by the idea of adding textures or actions to an image but I don’t think it really matters when you love the process of creating something that in the end – purist or not – is art and brings people pleasure.


car blur going homeI’m starting the year with some extreme blur, or should that be blurgh as the day was so grey and drizzly?

Taken on the way home from our Christmas/New Year break in the Dolomites, this was on the leg from Canazei to Vicenza then we had a Venice-Manchester flight then a 5-hour drive up north from Manchester to Edinburgh. You’ve got to really, really want to go to Canazei and we really, really do.



… should be action, right? But sometimes the ‘action’ doesn’t quite turn out like you’d imagined, does it? This is one of those shots. But having left it on the ‘cutting room floor’ for a day or two, I’ve had a second (third, fourth and fifth) look and have warmed to it. Its many imperfections have crept up on me and I like it. Note to self – always keep an open mind.