Trees in Winter are so poetic. So exposed that you can clearly see how delicate they become toward the tips of their branches. It seems natural to highlight this and since I’ve become slightly hooked on making these kaleidoscopic abstracts, I couldn’t think of a better way to do it. So here is ‘Circle of Trees’.

Circle of Trees Small FB



AVERT EYES if you’re avoiding all things Christmassy!

Just added this lovely range of goodies to my S6 shop based on the ‘Let it Snow’ design that has been a bestseller of mine. I don’t know why these have consistently sold throughout the year (don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining), but I thought it the right time to expand the design. I’m planning new lines and colours over the next couple of days, probably a frosty blue/green and perhaps purple or a black too. Will keep you posted with the finished item.

baby its cold promot panel


twenty sixCor blimey o’Riley, we saw a lot of snow in the Dolomites last week. It hardly stopped and we heard that there had been quite a few avalanches due to the sheer volume that fell some nights. Amazing.

Roofs were piled high and road signs weren’t visible in places. If, like me, you love trees, there was an almost overwhelming amount of beauty as far as the eye could see. Tremendous skiing too.

snow roof

jesus and the mountain dip

snowy roads


Dolomiti montage

Time really does fly! It’s February and already a month since we were skiing here in the gobsmackingly beautiful Dolomites … but just 10 more days until we return. Squeak!

If you love being outdoors then get yourself to Canazei – it’s really got it all going on come winter snow or summer sun. Right, that’s the pitch over with. Have a great month!


red berry blog

So, I decided to give my shoulder a rest from the D800 and dusted off my old D80 the other day. Totally liberating! I’d forgotten just how light it is, especially when I’m using the 50mm.

Plus, I now know how much I’ve missed the beautiful bokeh it produces. The colour transitions are so gorgeous that I think I like them most of all in this shot – even more than that one beautiful, gorgeously plump berry. Now I’m thinking how great it would be to always take the D80/50 combination out with me PLUS the D800 so I don’t have to swap lenses quite as much. But that would mean two heavy shoulders instead of one!!